5 Tips for Successful Brand Promotion at a Trade Show or Exhibition5 Tips for Successful Brand Promotion at a Trade Show or Exhibition

There are hundreds of trade shows and exhibitions held at London event centres every year.  Finding new, innovative ways to stand out on a busy trade show floor can be daunting. take a look at these five tips…

#1 Entertain

Think back to the last trade show or exhibition you attended as a delegate – which trade show booth did you remember after the show had closed? More than likely, it was the one that was entertaining and fun.

Most brands will use the tried and tested format of ‘selling’ or exhibiting at a show – identify the consumer’s problem and offer a solution, possibly with a discount attached if they buy on the day.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with this, it isn’t memorable. In our experience, the booths that make an impact are the ones with demonstrations or samples.

#2 Informative

Research has found that the main reason why delegates sign up to attend a trade show or exhibition is to lean something. Knowing that is what people are looking for, means you know what to offer.

So, an entertaining booth full of information should do the trick… but what about offering even more value? As they learn from you, why not invite them to take a seat and maybe enjoy a bottle of water?

#3 Tell a story

Stories are ways in which people remain connected but it is different to a narrative because storytelling emotionally connects people. From jeopardy to happiness, telling a story hooks people.

Trade show marketing is about people to people marketing because as we know, people buy from people. Appealing to people’s emotions is a sure fire way of connecting with people but the big question is, how can you include this powerful tool in your next trade show stand?

Have you considered hiring a team of professional promotional staff?

#4 Strategy

The trade show organises promise thousands of people will attend the show and you rub your hands with glee, the pound signs flickering before your eyes. But just because thousands of people attend the show is no guarantee of success. If delegates and customers are walking past your booth and not stopping to interact, you are not optimising opportunity.

A strategy lays out your goals and the plan you have to reach these. From understanding why you are opting to exhibit at that show to what you want to achieve by the end of the trade show, a trade show strategy is a driver to success.

#5 Define success

The show has ended, the marketing material is back in the box and the booth is packed away and you ask yourself on the long journey home, was it worth it?

Yes, you might say, “I sold X amount of stock or have a database full of contacts”. If you can give this kind of detail, then you have clearly thought about your goals, populated a trade show strategy and understand what signifies success for you.

What’s your target for your next event, trade show or exhibition?


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