choose the best promotional staffing agency8 Steps to Choose Your Promotional Staffing Agency!

1. Determine Who They Are
There are many different names for the promotional staff you may want to employ. Some are simply “promotional staff” while others go by “promotional models”. There are also different staff that serve different functions, for example you may have event staff or festival staff or perhaps staff to hand out leaflets. If your agency is one of professional staff and service they will match you up with the right staff for the specific needs you have mind.

2. Look for Quality First
The main benefit of choosing a promotional staff agency for your staffing needs is that the staff will have already been screened and interviewed. You will also know they have the experience and skills necessary to deliver what you’re asking for. It’s always best to choose an agency that’s not just cheap or easy to work but make for the most professional experience possible by providing top of the line staff.

3. Choose The Best
A minimum requirement for the staff you pick should start with reliability then efficiency. You want staff that have excellent skills in time management. If possible always choose the premium staff that are available, don’t be afraid to ask for some of the best and brightest in the agency if they’re willing to accommodate.

4. Look at Their Customer Service
How the agency treats its clients is a huge factor that you should look at. An agency should always be available throughout your project to work with you through every step and provide for anything you need along the way. They should be available for question and should always strive to provide you with nothing but the best in staffing services.
Do they make suggestions and offer helpful advice? Are they always available to answer questions? Look for agencies that display in every way that they care deeply about their clients and their respective needs.

5. Don’t Tolerate Bullying
If an agency tries for a hard sell, watch out! Some will be pushy and usually this is a bad sign from the very beginning. If an agency tries to sell you services you don’t want or push you into a decision you’re not sure about it may be time look elsewhere. They should be efficient and fast, but not piling on pressure. You want your experience to be smooth and pleasant.

6. Make Sure There’s Insurance
You want to make sure that all your staff members come insured through the agency. If they don’t you could be liable later, plus it shows they are professionals who take care of all of their staffs needs. In most cases you will be required to get insurance for liability to the general public, like if something goes wrong at your event.

7. Make Sure They Comply with Employment Laws
You want to make sure they provide all required benefits for their employees and sub contractors as required by law. You’ll also want to avoid anyone who pays under the table.

8. Meet The Staff
Some agencies will at least allow their clients to interview the staff before they are provided. This can take place on the phone but it’s better if you can meet in person as well. Just let yourself get a feel for who they are and if you feel they can help fill your needs. It’s always good to see face to face how your staff will handle these interactions so you know they’ll work well with the general public. A good agency should always strive to provide this option.

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