ExCel London

The ExCel Exhibition Centre London is a rich venue with a very impressive history. In 2012 they were given the honor of hosting the summer Olympics and have also had their hand in a number of sporting events. For example they’ve had their in hand in a few boxing matches, like the 2005 Danny Williams and Audley Harrison as well as the one between Amir Khan and Daniel Thorpe.

The venue is located right in the heart of the London’s historic Royal Docks just 20 minutes from the city and a ten minutes short from the Canary Wharf. ExCel is among the top choices for venues to host trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, and just about any major public event you can imagine. Their many venue amenities help to offer you and your visitors a unique experience to fit all your desires and needs along the way.

There’s also ample parking (over 3,500 spots on site). Many on site restaurants are also available to offer a variety of eating experiences from classy cafes to Chinese restaurants and even popular franchises like Subway. Their website has an interactive map online so you can see for yourself and even plan out your event as you explore what will be before you. When your day is finally done and it’s time for your head to hit the pillow you can check out (or should we say check-in) one of their four and five star hotels, also on-site. Did we mention the venue has free WiFi? Always a must!

With so many venue amenities and service no wonder they’re a favorite spot for major events both business and personal. They’ve hosted a varieties of public events ranging from G20 summits to the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards, and even the 72nd World Science Fiction convention. Getting there couldn’t be easier as you can plan the trip online right on the website. There are very few places if any more appealing to host a promotional event.

Exhibition & Conference Staff ExCeL London

If you’ve ever considering hosting an event of you’re own, say an exhibition, we have an amazing collection of dedicated staff who can help you along the way. We can help you with setup and clean up and provide you with riggers to help set up your stand so you can handle the more important work. Our staff can also attend to data collection and capture assignments with marvelous precision and dedication to detail. If you’re trying to gauge new information about potential clients and interested customers to your brand our staff will efficiently collect the most detailed and accurate data as well making an effort to reach as many people as possible.

Our exhibition staff are experienced too, especially with big events and major venues like the ExCel London, so they’ll feel right at home and ready to work.

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