In-Store Demonstrators in London

Demonstrating products to customers is powerful. It appeals to their emotions and when they feel both a connection and the value of a product, they are three times more likely to buy. Better still, a quarter of those buying customers will go on to buy the product again.

As a brand, can you afford to turn these sales down?

Why hire local London in-store demonstrators?

As a throbbing metropolis, the streets of London’s busy shopping centres and streets are rarely quiet. And that means a ready audience to tap into for our in-store demonstrators.

But using local staff is particularly beneficial. They know how to navigate London’s busy streets, arriving ahead of time to start the demonstration project. We also make sure that our staff arrived fully briefed.

With a growing UK-wise database of talented in-store demonstrators, your brand will benefit from their experience and from the feedback and information that provide from your customers too.

Why is it important to get product demonstrations right?

product demo staff londonUsing talented and experienced demonstrators in London is important. For many customers, this may be the first time they come into contact with your brand or in the case of a new product launch, the product itself.

It needs to be a memorable impression for all the right reasons. There needs to be a quality of interaction backed by in-depth knowledge of the person demonstrating the product.

Giving away free sample or freebies helps to cement this good impression. You could find you enjoy a significant return on investing in in-store demonstration staff with an immediate and significant uplift in sales but also a continued elevation in sales for some time to come too.

What products can in-store demonstrators promote?

Our instore demonstrators in London have promoted a range of products from perfume to other toiletries, cars, baking products, IT, as well as other technology products and more.

As well as instore demonstrations, they have also demonstrated in-store at events and festivals in London, including exhibitions, trade shows and conferences in a range of sectors including specialist industries and the retail.

How to hire the best instore demonstrators in London?

To hire in-store demonstrators that can and do deliver the service you need to push your products ahead of competitors, all you need to do is:
• Call us on 0844 800 0071
• Use the contact form to tell us more about your London promotion and the products you would like demonstrating

From our extensive database, we will match the requirements of your project with the skills and experiences of the right instore demonstrators. Don’t delay – kickstart your instore promotion by calling us today!


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