Making Face to Face Marketing Even More EffectiveMaking Face to Face Marketing Even More Effective

The saying people buy from people has been the fuel of many a marketing plan and yet, so many brands fail to really make the most of it. With the London trade show and exhibition calendar a busy one, optimising your presence at the next event is crucial for your business.

The answer lays in face to face marketing but how can it be made more effective? Why is hiring promotional staff the answer?

Representing your brand

Many businesses fall at the first hurdle by assuming that everyone knows who they are, what they do and, most importantly, their brand identity. Whether you use your own employees, hire a professional London promotional staffing agency or opt for a mix of both, there are key questions that must be answered before the trade show;

What sets you apart?

Your unique selling point (USP) is one thing but understanding what sets your brand apart from others is also about understanding the difference in how it is perceived. Do the booth staff really understand your brand?

What are your brand promises?

The benefits your brand offers customers is what makes you and what you do attractive. Again, professional promotional staff who are briefed with this information before the event are the team more likely to succeed in pushing your business forward in a competitive marketplace.

Do you put clients and customers at the heart of your business?

Everyone who owns or runs a business is essentially after one thing – turning a profit. Profit for many entrepreneurs means success. Clearly, the financial side is important but that doesn’t mean it has to be at the expense of your customers.

A company that looks to solve the problems of customers is one that is seen as a quality brand to buy from and do business with.

But again, the professional promo team on your stand need to understand this in relation to your business.

Managing the promotional team

Anyone who has spent more than an hour or two on a busy trade show stand or booth will know just how exhausting it is. A steady stream of people to talk to, their intentions qualified, marketing information given out, contact details collected, competitions hosted, demonstrations given…

The list goes on. When energy levels flag, motivation slows down with it and this means that a lacklustre approach can set in.

Impressions in face-to-face marketing are everything and so the promo team need to be just as bouncy at 5 pm as they were when the doors opened at 10 am.

But it’s a big ask. And that’s why your promo team at your next London event needs a team leader. This is the person who manages the booth and the promo team on the day. They make sure the right branding speak is used, they assign breaks, they keep everything on track.

Do YOU have the right staff for your next London trade show?

Hiring professional teams of promotional staff can make the difference between an ‘OK’ performance at a London trade show and a stratospheric one. Briefed in what you need and want from the event, our teams offer an intelligent, responsive and agile approach, underpinned by training and experience.

Now is the time to contact Promotional Staff London to book your promotional staff team!


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