Product Sampling Staff London

The promotional staff that we provide come fully equipped with the skills and expertise they need to sample your product to potential customers, conduct in store promotional demonstrations, roadshow exhibitions, and even hospitality and brand promotions.  Since we’re based right here in London you also won’t have to worry about any additional expenses and trouble of travelling time (or the staff getting stuck in traffic)!

The product sampling services we supply include:
• Access To Our Nationwide Staff Database
• Experienced Product Sampling Staff
• Comprehensive Briefing For Product Samplers
• After activity reporting and feedback

Why do Product Sampling ?

Product sampling is proven and backed by research as one of the surest ways of obtaining markedly increased sales. It can be effective for obtaining new customers and often this method obtains conversion rates of anywhere in the range of 20% to an astounding 90% during sampling events.  This success has been seen by a diverse selection of brands.

When the sampling is done effectively it also inspires brand loyalty and can get the word out not just to your customers there but to their friends and family as well when they go home to tell them about the new great product they discovered.

Free samples are now becoming a standard practice among many consumer brands that as a result have seen many new and loyal patrons. They not only encourage these customers to use the products more than once as return buyers, but it also helps them compile mailing lists of potentially interested parties.

Sampling can work for just about any consumable product you can think of from food to cosmetics and perfumes, and even various paints or health products. This can be done at crowded shopping centres, shows, or by teams of people who will canvas the neighbourhood for you.  Festivals, retail stores, and just about anything else you can think of can provide a great sampling and selling opportunities you won’t have to miss for lack of available staff. Most people won’t by a new car without taking it for a test drive, and the same concept can be used for almost any product you might be selling. People like to try it before they buy it, and that’s where we come in.

Sampling Promotional Staff Agency London

You have to remember that in handing out samples you’re not just mindlessly dispensing product, you are engaging with people. You are not just aiming to make them aware of your product but to walk away with a positive impression of your company that will come through a positive interaction with your staff. Our staff are professionally trained to not only relay detailed knowledge of your product but also to create that strong, positive impression you’re going to need to see growth. With the right professionals, which we provide we know you’ll see it in leaps and bounds.

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