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It’s almost that time of year when everyone exchanges his or her gifts for Christmas. We generally know what to get our friends and family, but how do you go about getting work colleagues or larger groups of organisations gifts with meanings for everyone? Secret Santa is the best way to do this. Everyone agrees on a maximum amount of value of only one present. Then everyone put their name in a hat and then everyone picks at random whom they should be buying a present for. This is kept secret from the recipient.
Once a name has been chosen, one present is bought for that one person. This cuts down on costs for a lot of people but everybody takes part and will receive a gift.

You may be a lucky one and have someone you know and understand what they want for Christmas.
However sometimes you may select someone who would be hard to buy for.
There are many websites out there with many gift ideas ranging from practical, silly or even thoughtful suggestions. Some ideas are outrageous to get the funny and laughter response especially for those colleagues and acquaintances that like to play the practical joke and therefore gives a chance to get your own back at this time of year.

What type of Secret Santa gift for different personalities?

There are many gifts out there that would suit all kinds of personalities for instance; for the funny one, there can be costumes, rude mugs, obscene stationary and even the classic whoopee cushion.

For the intellectual type; useful items such as a book light, a phone case, key rings or even a wall planner.
For people with hobbies are the easiest to buy for but you must know what is good and bad so some research is needed.
For your closest colleagues or even your boss the most thoughtful gifts would be more appreciated such as ladies and men’s bathroom gift sets, jewellery and chocolates.

Secret Santa is all about choosing the right gift for the right person. A good choice will leave the recipient guessing which makes it makes it fun keeping you anonymous. Remember never to put your name on the tag!

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