The Fundamentals of Lead GenerationThe Fundamentals of Lead Generation (and How Promotional Staff London Can be Part of it!)

There are many tools and vehicles you will use to fuel and drive business growth. Clearly, they will all be aimed at increasing your market share. That means more new customers and enticing repeat custom from loyal customers.

Lead generation is an important marketing tactic. But why work with a lead generation agency? Why employ this tool as a business growth tool?

What is lead generation?

A ‘lead’ is someone who shows an interest in buying a product or service from you. There are many ways in which a ‘lead’ arrives at your brand;

  • By completing an online survey
  • Signing up your e-newsletter
  • Requesting more information
  • Making contact at a trade show with your marketing team

There are many more examples but the lesson is clear – someone who shows an interest in buying from your company will be more open to you making contact them in the future about what you have to offer.

In this sense, lead generation is not cold calling or fishing for custom from people who are ‘cold’, and yet to be introduced to your business.

The essence of lead generation – to encourage interaction

Marketing comes in many shapes, including online and offline funnels and channels. But the essence is simple: to encourage people to interact with your brand.

As a promotional staffing and lead generation agency, we work with clients on lead generation projects in London all the time. From the sales teams at trade shows and exhibitions to our street marketing teams, we offer experiential marketing experiences that bring a brand alive.

This has proven time and again to be an effective lead generation experience. People like to see the ‘human’ side of a brand and with intelligent, responsive marketing staff driving your campaign, you can be assured of a higher success rate.

Buying leads

You may have come across service from other companies who offer to sell your leads.

These are the contact details of a potentially large customer base… or that’s what they will tell you. But this is akin to cold calling because none of these customers has prior contact with your company. You’ll find buying leads not as successful as you think.

What is a qualified lead?

In effect, buying leads is a form of procuring ‘unqualified leads’ – people who don’t know you, what you offer and so on.

A qualified lead is someone who has shown an interest in your products or services and is ‘measured’ by your marketing team as having a genuine interest in buying.
Some people ‘window shop’. They are simply looking. They like your brand and products but may not be ready to buy just yet. A qualified lead is someone who is. They have the purchasing power and the authority to make the buying decision.

By understanding what a qualified lead is and who they are, you can assign resources and time accordingly to turn them into a buying customer.

How to qualify a lead

Marketing teams at trade shows, exhibitions, and so on can qualify a lead by assigning a score. This denotes how ‘warm’ a lead is to buying from your company. For example, 1 could be ‘shown an interest, may buy in the long term’ with 5 being ‘ready to buy, has the purchasing authority’ and so on.

Part of your marketing package

Great offers on exceptional products or services, with customer service that is second-to-none, will attract customers – or leads – and you need to be confident you can turn them into paying customers.  Hire experienced promotional staff to help you get more leads!


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