home building and renovation show londonWill the Home & Renovation Show be Even More Popular than Before?

Who doesn’t love watching the renovation shows on TV? We watch as people buy run-down properties and, with blood, sweat, tears and stress, we want them nurse the property back to life.

The results are stunning with the property turned into a home once again, enveloping its occupants in warm walls as well as stylish, functional and practical additions.

Home renovations and improvements are on the up

As we basked in the early spring sunshine, the news reached us that more of us are choosing to renovate rather than sell.

There are, of course, various TV programmes and websites that urge us to do this. The sluggish and unpredictable property market leads many of us not face the stress of buying and selling but making more of what we have.

Research by bathroom and shower experts ‘Showers To You’ found that the number of applications for home improvements rose by three per cent across the UK last year.

The North West showed the biggest increase in applications, up a significant nine per cent. But the city of London had the highest number of applications, with a whopping 99,100 applications for home improvement permissions.

The South East boasted a significant 94,000 applications whilst the Scots were also showing a penchant for home improvement with 22,000 applications.

Extensions were the most popular applications sought after, with around 40% of home improvement applications.

What this means for brands and services in this sector

Your business may be one that is related to this boom in home improvement. You could be a double glazing firm producing bespoke bi-fold doors or a smaller artisan wallpaper manufacturer.

Or maybe you offer a related service such as decorating, interior design or curtain making.
The services and products that homeowners need during renovation and building work are many and varied.

And this is why the September 2018 Home and Renovation Show is set to be the biggest and most popular home improvement show to date.

Are you exhibiting or selling at the show?

There are, as we know, many ‘do’s and dont’s’ which is why need this show and your brand, can ride the crest of this home improvement wave by exhibiting at the Home and Renovation Show.

People want new ideas, they have a thirst for knowledge that needs quenching and they need sound clear advice on various aspects of extending and renovating their property.

They want new and innovative products that are available within budget, but they want more information on every aspect of building, designing and changing their home.
YOU are one of those companies. But can you really make the most of the show by spreading your resources too thin?

You could make more of your time at the show, talk to more people, get more leads, more sales and more exposure by hiring promotional staff with a passion and a knowledge of DIY, home renovations, interior design and more.

How prepared are you to harness the increasing numbers of homeowners adapting and renovating, rather than selling?

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