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With 75% of retailers expected to offer huge discounts during Black Friday 2018, it is no surprise that over half of the UK’s population ware expected to take to the high street stores and online sites of retailers to grab a pre-Christmas bargain. But what is this shopping phenomenon all about?

If you’ve never ventured out on Black Friday before, you may be wondering what it is all about. It is a day all about ‘deal on deal on deal’, a chance to grab a fantastic bargain on a range of items from tech gadgets to clothes.

Black Friday 2018

Black Friday 2018 will be on Friday 23 November and is expected to be as busy as ever. Starting in America, the Black Friday event was a way for retailers to entice customers to part with their money across a range of goods.

With amazing deals on the day, it pays to keep your eyes peeled. Major retailers like Argos started their Black Friday deals a crazy 12 days before and Currys also launch some amazing 50% deals in the few days running up to the main event itself.

Who gets involved?

Most high street giants get involved with Black Friday, mainly because they don’t want to see droves of their customers lining the pockets of their competitors.

There are some amazing deals and some not-so-good deals so don’t get swept away thinking everything is a bargain. Some retailers slash anything between 50% and 60% off ticket prices.

Asda usually has some great deals – but limited stock – as do most other high street stores. Keep your eyes peels for offerings from John Lewis, as well as online giants like Amazon offer Echo products for half their normal price.

Cyber Monday 2018

Cyber Monday turns Black Friday into a long weekend for bargain hunters with, as the name suggests, the Monday following Black Friday the day you can get deals online with retailers too.

But getting to the bargains can be problematic but as any bargain hunter will tell you, you need to hold your nerve;

* Retailers will often keep back some deals so don’t despair if you think you’ve missed out on a bargain. It may be that the cyber weekend yields results late in the day.
* If you have your eye on tech, you need to be in quick. Retailers will not stock hundreds of 4k ultra HD TVs so it is a case of first come, first served.

Don’t lose your head!

Just like shopping at other times of the year, you need to keep your savvy shopping head on;

* Reviews – just like you would at other times of the year, do your research, read the reviews and so on before you buy. That way, you know what you are buying into, especially important if investing in tech.
* Keep your eyes peeled – as many retailers offer excellent discounts before the event.
* Membership – for online retailers, consider joining their exclusive club as you may find for a few pounds annual fee, you get access to bigger deals and before anyone else too.
* Price tracker apps – there are many apps and websites that promise to compare prices. If you are a die-hard Amazon fan, take a look at CamelCamelCamel to compare products and prices.

Any retailer can join in Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal, from the small artisan food stores to the big high street giants. Why not grab a bargain?

Are you a retailer looking to offer huge discounts to your customers this Black Friday? If so, why not hire temporary sales staff for Black Friday or any day of the cyber-weekend event from Promotional Staff London? Call us on 0844 800 0071.


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